Blue Planet, Blue God: The Bible and the Sea

The ocean dominates the surface of the earth and is in the pages of the Bible too. The Bible offers a view of the sea and the life it supports which affirms its intrinsic value to God as a good, and indeed essential, part of creation.  At the same time, it also speaks perceptively of the sea’s vulnerability to damage and change. The Bible’s focus on the sea raises questions about economics and the interconnectedness of communities, whilst further references to the sea raise questions about our human-centredness and spirituality, and about our fear of chaos and disaster.

Saturday 13th October 2018


Rebecca Watson author, ‘Blue Planet Blue God’ SCM Press, 2017

£22.00 including lunch

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Beth Harper, The Mirfield Centre, Stocks Bank Road, Mirfield, WF14 0BW

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Director: Revd Canon June Lawson        Administrator: Beth Harper

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7th Annual Walter Tapper Lecture

The Community of the Resurrection and the Mirfield Liturgical Institute present

Space, People and Ritual: The first cathedral at Salisbury (Old Sarum)

Lecturer: Dr John Harper Honorary Professor, University of Birmingham; Emeritus Professor, Bangor University; Emeritus Director, The Royal School of Church Music.

Church of the Resurrection, Mirfield

This event is FREE, booking essential

The first cathedral at Salisbury has been ruinous since at least 1250, but it was the space in which the Use of Salisbury was established in the 12th century. Using the Customary drawn up for the cathedral (and edited by Walter Howard Frere in The Use of Sarum), the evidence of the ruins and the early 20th-century excavation, and recent enactments of medieval liturgy, it is possible to piece together something of the experience of worship in this lost building – a building which proved to be so influential, not only on the new cathedral built in the 13th century, but also on liturgical practice throughout much of Britain up to the Reformation and beyond.

Evensong at 6.00pm.

Pre-booked supper available from 6.45pm. £7.50

Contact: Administrator, Beth Harper – 01924 481920 or

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Creative Spaces – A one day felting workshop with times of stillness, quiet and simple meditation

The day will be a mixture of quiet spaces and creative wet-felting activities using coloured Merino wool and other fibres to make your own distinctive needle case and notebook cover. You will be able to work at your own pace but with ideas, teaching and support provided. The day will begin and end with a short meditation and time of quiet, joining with the Brothers for their lunchtime worship if you so wish. There will also be brief periods of silence throughout the day – for a few minutes each hour. Quite surprisingly, these small silences bring a powerful and extra dimension of stillness and spirituality to our day and to our creativity.

Friday 28th September 2018

Revd Anne Wood

£25.00 (including all materials, lunch and refreshments)


To book or for more details, contact:

Beth Harper, The Mirfield Centre, Stocks Bank Road, Mirfield, WF14 0BW

Tel: 01924 481920 e-mail:

Director: Revd Canon June Lawson        Administrator: Beth Harper

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Gypsies and Travellers – A Community outside a Community

There are at least 300,000 Gypsies and Travellers in Britain (not counting the Roma) though the overwhelming majority never these days travel. Even so, their access to education and health services is poor. Though often struggling financially, they can be subjected to violence and protection rackets by organised crime. Yet our perceptions of them are often clouded by misleading (and sometimes downright dishonest) reports in the newspapers and on TV and they are regarded as pariahs, modern day lepers. Even the Church has at times added to their persecution and few Church people are willing to get involved in a cause seen as somehow ‘not quite nice’. This day course aims to explain and educate.

Saturday 22nd September 2018

Robert Dawson

(Hon President of Britain’s largest Gypsy Traveller organisation) £22.00

(including lunch and refreshments)


To book or for more details, contact:

Beth Harper, The Mirfield Centre, Stocks Bank Road, Mirfield, WF14 0BW

Tel: 01924 481920 e-mail:

Director: Revd Canon June Lawson        Administrator: Beth Harper

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Historical Research & Modern Anglican Worship

Foundation of the Community of the Resurrections 125th Anniversary Lecture

The Community of the Resurrection is a monastic community strongly involved in mission, education and engagement with society. Founded in Oxford 125 years ago by Charles Gore and 5 others, its commitment to social justice led to a decision in 1898 to move to Britain’s industrial heartland in West Yorkshire. Walter Frere, the first Superior, was a leading liturgist in his day, and Mirfield has remained a strong centre of liturgical studies: the Mirfield Liturgical Institute was founded in 2008.

Friday 5th May 10.30am-12.00pm                    Free: Booking essential

Lecturer: Paul Bradshaw: Professor Emeritus Notre Dame University, USA



CR Festival Day

The Community welcomes parishes, groups and friends from around the world to celebrate the common life of the Church. The day will focus on the rehallowing of the Community’s church, making the completion of its reordering and refurbishment. See website for booking details in due course.

Cost: FREE – there is small charge for lunch

Family Fun Day 2017

The community once again opens its doors to local people for a day of fun, family-friendly activities including:

Bouncy Castle, Play Your Cards Right, Spin the Wheel, Face painting, Welly Wanging, Horse Shoe Tossing, Beat the Goalie, Hook a Duck, Darts, Tombola and more…

Refreshments available including Hot Dogs, Sweet shop and Ice Creams!

All welcome to explore the grounds and take a tour of the church.

Cost: FREE

Advent Devotion

Join the Community as we prepare to give thanks for the Incarnation of Christ, reflect on our shortcomings and look forward with praise and joy.

Cost: FREE


Theology Reforming Society – Anglican Social Theology; Past, Present & Future – 24 hour residential

Lectures on F.D.Maurice and Christian Socialism, Charles Gore, the Christian Social Union and Neville Figgis, William Temple and his successors and recent Anglican social theology including Rowan Williams when Archbishop of Canterbury.


The Revd Jeremy Morris

Canon Prof Paul Avis

Canon Dr Stephen Spencer

Canon Malcolm Brown


Prices from £84

The Bible & the Holy Land Today – 48 hour residential

Whether we like it or not, our attitudes to the bible and the biblical text affect and are affected by current realities in the Middle East, and specifically in Israel and Palestine. It is an area where difficult questions are far more apparent than easy answers. This short course offers the opportunity to explore several interrelated biblical themes which contribute to the tensions.

Leader: Dr Clare Amos

Prices from £175

Words for Wellbeing

Exploring Your Inner and Outer World Through Writing

Writing is good for you!
In this one-day course you will use the power of the written word to help promote your wellbeing. Through short, simple guided writing activities, you will explore your inner and outer world. The emphasis will be on the process, not the end product. Just bring along some paper, a pen, your enthusiasm and your curiosity. The day will be interspersed with short Mindfulness meditations and prayers to aid the process of being fully present in each activity and reflecting on your experiences.Through a series of simple, guided creative writing activities you will explore the world around you, as well as your inner world. Discover how sharing your stories can help you to reflect on your life and spirituality and bring healing to mind and body.

Leaders: Revd Anne Wood and Judith Boardman

£20includes lunch and refreshments

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Listening to God in our Everyday Life – seeing God in all we do from happiness to heartache

All life’s experiences, however big or small, have the potential to be life giving and perhaps especially those which hurt or challenge us. We need to learn to hold on to these moments of truth, chew them over and be taught by them. As we give life’s experiences the chance to speak to us we can also begin to see the flimsiness of the way the world lives its life compared to the reality of what God’s way of life has to offer.

Leader: Revd Canon Judy Hirst

£20includes lunch and refreshments

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Mindfulness & Psychological Therapy – A Christian Perspective

The course leaders have been exploring the links between spirituality, meditation and psychological healing for some years. In recent times, mindfulness has proved a useful bridging concept between these different areas. The workshop will use discussion and experiential exercises to explore how ‘looking at our experiences from a different place’ can help to detoxify problems such as anxiety, worry and stress and how religious communities in particular might incorporate such strategies into efforts to develop ‘healthy churches’.

Led by: Dr Frank Wills and Canon Wendy Wilby

£20includes lunch and refreshments

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Christians Living Amongst Muslims

The peninsula is the heartland of Islam, which affects both Christians who live there and Muslims throughout the world. Islam in this area is quite different from Islam as encountered in the West, and even as it is encountered in the Levant (see map). However, an insight into Islam and the Muslim communities in the Arabian peninsula will provide an excellent resource for a wider and deeper understanding of Islam than is normally possible for non-Muslims. Our day with Bill Schwartz will provide the opportunity for participants to understand Islam in a new way, and to develop closer relationships with their Muslim neighbours. Ven Bill Schwartz is the Archdeacon in the Gulf, having worked there for more than 30 years.  Bill will present four aspects: An Introduction to the Gulf Region; Islam: A Religion, A Culture, A Society; Nationality Neutral Christianity; and Witness Amongst Muslims.

Leader: Archdeacon Bill Schwartz OBE,
author of ‘lslam: A Relig¡on, A Culture, A Society’, 2nd edn.
2015, Christians Aware

£20including lunch and refreshments


In Partnership
with Christians Aware

Quiet Day for Passiontide – The Lamb upon the Throne

Approaching the Cross from the perspective of themes from the book of Revelation.

Leader: Canon Dr Christina Baxter CBE