Railway Retreat

Enjoy a weekend of monastic hospitality, prayer and worship with the Community, including a visit to the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway on the Saturday. The colder weather of early March should create some good clouds of steam and smoke! A reasonable level of mobility is required for this excursion as there are steps in several places. Holy smoke on the Sunday. Participants are invited to bring along some railway-related pictures, books, stories or artefacts to share with the group

Leader: Br Philip CR

Cost: £160


Meeting God in the Garden-Seasons of Spiritual Growth

In the Bible spiritual growth is likened to the natural development processes of plants, and the part played by gardeners, whether human or divine. Meeting God in the Garden will explore four recurring movements of this growth: becoming rooted and grounded in God; emerging into being in response to God’s invitation; struggling towards abundance through resistance; bearing fruit and being willing to fall. They are seasons that meet us afresh within a lifetime of growing, stirring us once more into abundant life.

Leader: Christopher Chapman, retreat leader, spiritual director and author of Earthed in God: Four movements of spiritual growth.

Cost: £250

Pre-Lent Clergy Retreat – Lent and the Psalms


The Psalms are full of praise for the mighty works of God – a closer look shows how much of this stands behind Jesus’s own message and journey, and continues on into the sacramental life of the Church, and our daily praying of the Psalms.

Leader: Fr George CR

Cost: £270


February Pilgrimage Weekend

As Christians, we journey with Christ through the years of our life. Sometimes people leave their ordinary surroundings and make a special journey to spend time in the presence of God in a special place. Our Pilgrimage retreats are an invitation to come to such a place and stay with us for a short time – to worship, eat and talk with the brothers of Community; to explore faith together; and to see what the Rule of Benedict might have to say for your own daily living. Come and walk with us, wherever you are on your faith journey. Whether you come alone or bring a group from your parish you will find companions for that journey and experience the mystery of the Resurrection, the life-giving love of God at the heart of all things.

The cost for this retreat is £135

Winter Individually Guided Retreat

You will spend a week in personal prayer and reflection on scripture, sharing silence with the Community. There are no addresses as in other retreats. Rather, each person, meeting daily with an experienced guide, follows their own path as it seems God is leading them. The emphasis is on integrating body, mind and heart in faith.

Led by the Mirfield IGR Team

The cost for this retreat is £420


Pre-Advent Clergy Retreat

Peace, not as the world gives

In an uncertain and violent world, what is peace? Where do we search for it? How can we help others to search? and to find peace?

At the break of the church’s year, Fr Thomas reflects on the coming of our God and His peace.

All Saints-tide Retreat – The Way Of The Heart

For the last eighteen years Simon has been Richard’s spiritual director and during this time they have met regularly at The Community of the Resurrection to reflect on many different aspects of life and prayer and responding to the world in which we live. In these conversations they will share their different perspectives and experiences of God and open the conversation up for those joining the retreat to question and respond.

It will take place within the rhythm of the community’s life of prayer and give those participating the opportunity to participate in that daily pattern of worship, silence, reflection and sharing, while listening “to the way of the heart”

Led by Fr Simon Holden CR and Fr Richard Carter

The cost for this retreat is £125

Digging into the Psalms – Clergy Retreat

Wonderful and alien, the Psalms are sometimes balm to the soul and at other times more hard work than we would care for.

Here we explore ways to enable them to grow as our daily bread.

Leader: Fr George CR

Autumn Individually Guided Retreat

IGR’s enable you to spend a week in personal prayer and reflection on scripture, sharing silence with the Community. The emphasis is on growing in the practice of discernment – finding God in all things. You will be able to meet each day with the retreat guide who will offer suggestions for further prayer.

Led by the Mirfield IGR Team

The cost for this Retreat is £385  

Spring Bank Holiday Retreat

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for…?

The human race is searching, but do we know what we’re looking for? St Augustine said that, ‘our hearts are restless until they find their rest in you.’ God is the beginning of our journey and the culmination of all our endeavours to find what we’re truly looking for and discover who we really are.  We are persons made for love because we are created from the love who is God. If we want to know what love is, we have to get to know the One who is love, the one who first loved us. For whom or what are you looking? Do you want to know what love is? Come and delve deeper into the mystery of love who is God during this May bank holiday retreat.

Leaders: Fr Simon CR & Br Marc nCR

The cost for this retreat is £190

Germany themed Week Retreat

Don’t mention the war!

An occasion to get to know something about what makes modern Germany, and the role of the church in German culture; it will also be a chance to look at how our prejudices have shaped our understanding, German of British and vice versa.

Leader: Fr Thomas CR

The cost of this retreat is £250

18 to 30’s Retreat

If you open the ear of your heart you will hear that Christ is calling: do you want to say yes with the freedom of grace and love? St Benedict reminds us ‘to run while you have the light of life’, but before you head off on the next thing, spend time at Mirfield to help you check out your ideas with God, because God loves you and desires you to have Life.

The cost of this retreat is £120

Greek For Fun!

A little Greek can be a great help in seeing new levels of meaning and significance in the Gospels. In these days we will engage directly with the Greek and English texts of the Gospels.

However, we do not expect a high level of Greek. An ability to read it will be enough. No one will be embarrassed!

Leader: Fr Nicolas CR

The cost of this retreat is £200 per person

Monastic Experience

Exploring the Religious Life…

Are you wondering if you might be called to the religious life? Come and spend some time living in a monastic community, and looking at how the Rule of Saint Benedict provides instruction on balancing the various parts of life. Through sharing in CR’s worship and prayers, household and garden chores, studying scripture, attending addresses and discussions on the religious life, participants can experience this life from the inside, explore questions and embark on a journey of discernment.
Open to single men and women aged between 18 and 45.

Leader: Fr Oswin CR

£50 contribution

Armistice Centenary Retreat

Into the Way of Peace

How does a Christian live in a world where there are ‘wars and rumours of wars’?

World War l and the century which followed is arguably the most dramatic era in human history. We will use poetry, art, cinema and popular culture (including Comic Cuts and The Rainbow) to reflect on the ‘peace of God’ and his will for each of us, learning about love, about conflict, about sacrifice, about death (perhaps about hell) and about the gift and opportunity of living in the 21st century.

I intend this to be a retreat and not a philosophy session on the rights and wrongs of war. I’m really rather looking forward to it. Do you care to join me?

Leader: Fr John CR 

The cost of this retreat is £125