Saturday 23rd March 2019
10:00am - 3:30pm

We will think through together the tension in Christian faith between the experience of suffering and the experience of God’s intervention in our lives through grace. We will look at how faithful Christians have responded to suffering, from those who advocate a willing embrace of suffering in order to share in Christ’s suffering, to those who insist that God is opposed to suffering and that the Christian community must also oppose suffering and its causes. We will then explore the idea that we are created to be finite – that we have limits and that we are mortal – which causes us to suffer, yet this being-finite is called “good” by God. We will then explore how this changes our response to suffering – to find a way to live the tension between suffering and grace as we follow a Lord who suffered and died and was resurrected.

Saturday 23rd March 2019


Revd Erik Peeters

£22.00 including lunch

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