The Mirfield Centre represents the public programmes of the Community. From retreats to school visits, sabbaticals to artists-in-residence and day events to residential conferences, we seek to offer a range of events that draws together the fruits of our broad church. These are offered in a space that is accepting, encouraging and nurturing to the fundamentals of our common humanity and dignity.

Seeking to respond to the need to ‘build up the body of Christ’, the Mirfield Centre programme focuses on encouraging the evangelistic, literary, educational and pastoral dimensions of the church. While most of these events take place at Mirfield, we welcome invitations to run quiet days, to visit schools and colleges, and to take part in day events focusing on, and exploring, the religious and spiritual life.

The Mirfield Centre also looks after bookings for conferences and corporate events at Mirfield as well as overseeing the administration of our hospitality facilities.