The Preaching Life – Living out your Vocation

The Preaching Life is a timeless and compelling reflection on Christian vocation from one of today’s most accomplished spiritual writers. Beautifully written and profoundly honest Barbara Brown Taylor’s account of attempting to respond to God’s call in the midst of a world disillusioned with religion is rooted in the assurance that God sees us as beloved children and able partners in the ongoing work of creation. All who are baptized are called to the preaching life – the life that proclaims the good news of Christ and celebrates God’s presence in the world.

Barbara Brown Taylor considers how indifference and disillusion can be starting points of an exploration that leads us deeper into the truth of God, and how faith is a daily, hourly choice to act as though we do really believe that divine love girds the universe. Worship, prayer, reading the Bible (and letting it read us), the sacraments with their ability to bring us into the very precincts of heaven, and speaking the prophetic word are the essentials of the preaching life. With the devotion and skill of a dedicated artist Barbara Brown Taylor shows us how to hear, recognise and respond to God’s call.

Author: Barbara Brown Taylor


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